Updating the OSD Neo2 Website

This branch contains the website for OSD Neo2 . The website is build using GitLab Pages and lives at https://htgoebel.gitlab.io/OSD-Neo2/

Basic Workflow

pip install sphinx
# checkout branch `website` in sub-directory `website`
git worktree add website website
cd website
… hack, hack, hack
make html
xdg-open _build/html/index.html

… when finished:

git commit …
git push

How it works

We are using GitLab Pages for serving our static web-site, which are far more flexible than Github is.

The HTML files are generated using Sphinx. The new pages are build automatically by Gitlab’s CI/CD system as soon as you push this branch to Gitlab. The build-instructions are defined in .glitlab-ci.yml.